Are you ready for Season 6? Try some Mad Men Trivia!

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Geeks Who Drink offers a challenging Mad Men trivia night

Ready for Mad Men’s Season 6 this spring? Then whet your appetite for the upcoming season with a Mad Men trivia night. To celebrate the Season 5 finale, The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook authors, editor Leah Wilson and Mad Men trivia hound Josh Benton, took on other Mad Men fans in a trivia battle sponsored by Geeks Who Drink at Common Ground in Allston, Massachusetts. Our team, The Blankenships (named for one of Don’s many secretaries), duked it out with teams such as Roger in the Sky with Diamonds and Sterling Cooper Draper Holloway. The Blankenships, even with our advanced Mad Men culinary knowledge, were only hanging in because of Josh’s extraordinary memory.

IMG 3608 300x177 Are you ready for Season 6? Try some Mad Men Trivia!

The Blankenships captured 5th place

The Blankenships went in confident, were in second place for a while, but were soon trailing in 5th place, where we landed at the end of the night. But we we glad we could offer a prize — a copy of our cookbook — to second place winners, Tim Gilman and Lauren Feinberg!


IMG 3609 283x300 Are you ready for Season 6? Try some Mad Men Trivia!

Second place winners Roger in the Sky with Diamonds, a/k/a Tim and Lauren, took home The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

To help refresh your memory for Mad Men Season 6,  Geeks Who Drink generously shared a few trivia questions, all involving snarky Pete Campbell. Test your Pete Campbell IQ and send us your answers, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

What global event was going on when Betty discovered she IS pregnant, and Peggy told Pete that she WAS pregnant?

Roger and Don gave Pete a verbal beat-down after he pitched his “Backbone of America” idea to what client?

Finish Pete’s airplane joke: “Some of the passengers were on their way to a golf tournament. Apparently, the minute the plane hit, the bay turned BLANK.”

Questions courtesy of Geeks Who Drink.  Thanks to them for providing excellent Mad Men trivia, and see the event recap here.Comm

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