#PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015

TheUnofficialMadMenCookbook FinaleParty 600x196 V1 1024 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Aprons on! Shakers out! Bloggers are prepping mid-century style for our final toast to Mad Men. On Sunday, April 5, bloggers from around the United States and three foreign countries will create a memorable Mad Men menu for our series finale’s Mad Men Virtual Dinner Party.

Our partygoers (listed here) — food, cocktail and lifestyle bloggers  — will mix martinis and craft canapés from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook or whip up another recipe that has appeared on Mad Men.

Thanks to our sponsors we have an amazing array of Mad Men prizes, including a dinner for four at Barbetta, the iconic New York Italian restaurant where Don and Bethany Van Nuys dined, and a two-night stay at Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel, frequented by Don and Sal. And many thanks to our publisher, BenBella, for providing books for all partygoers.

Blogger Prizes:

barbetta 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Dinner for four at Barbetta, New York’s oldest Italian restaurant, where Don and Bethany Van Nuys dined. Founded in 1906 and operated to this day by the founder’s daughter Laura Maioglio, Barbetta specializes in northern Italian cuisine from the Piemonte region, Barbetta is the oldest Italian restaurant in New York still run by the founding family.

 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015A two night stay at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel, where Don relocated when he was having marital trouble, and where Sal orders a Campari when he meets Elliot from Belle Jolie Lipstick. A couple of nights at this landmark midtown hotel will place you right back in the Mad Men era.

1.OYSTER BAR INTERIOR PHOTO1 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015

A gift certificate to  Grand Central Oyster Bar, where Don and Roger gorge on oysters and martinis for lunch. It’s an easy stroll from the mythical Madison Avenue offices of Sterling Cooper to this classic New York eatery.


Brownies from William Greenberg Desserts, Don and Meghan’s n06 brownies2B 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015gift when they visit Pete and Trudy’s Cos Cob home. For almost 70 years,  William Greenberg baked goods have been synonymous with good taste: “well bred and adventurous with a refined dazzle,” New York Magazine once said of Manhattan’s most famous brownies.

 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015A Year of Snacks from Utz Snacks, an early Sterling Cooper client. In 1962, Sterling Cooper hired Jimmy Barrett, a shock-comic, to do TV spots for Utz Potato Chips. Try Utz with our California Dip!

Russel Wright American Modern™ Pitcher and Tumblers and  #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Fruit Bowls from Bauer Pottery. You’ll see Wright’s iconic designs on Mad Men.  Bauer Pottery of Los Angeles has the exclusive license to produce Russel Wright’s dinnerware – the most widely sold American ceramic dinnerware in history.

shaker1 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015WMFAmericas Bar Style Ice Scoops, Vino Basic Wine Sets and Loft Boston Shakers: Shake it Up Mad Men style with professional quality barware from WMF Americas. The Loft Boston Cocktail Shaker features modern European styling, their Wine Set includes a winged corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle stopper and the barstyle ice scoop features a durable stainless steel body with perforations that allow the excess water to drain away from the ice.Sunkist Sticker Logo OL 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015

A surprise gift from Sunkist, a client of Sterling Cooper and Partners.

scale 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015EatSmart Retro Kitchen Scale. A must for Betty Draper. Whether weighing for portion control, or measuring ingredients for your Pineapple Upside Down Cake, simply place food items directly into the Retro’s stainless steel mixing bowl for quick, accurate, easy-to-read measurements on the oversized dial.

Bormioli Rocco Selecta Decanter and Tumbler set. Whether you prefer bourbon or rye,  #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015imported or domestic, Bormioli Rocco, the Italian glassware company, has the perfect gift to complement your favorite whisky: a Selecta seven piece glassware set featuring a decanter and six tumblers.

basket1 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Retro candy from Groovy Candies: Two groovy gift baskets featuring Mad Men client Hershey’s chocolates from Groovy Candies, an online candy retailer that carries Choward’s Violets  (seen on Mad Men) and an array of other nostalgic sweets,

 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child from Knopf: This is the classic cookbook, in its entirety—all 524 recipes, from America’s French Chef.

WhiskeyCocktails 150x150 #PartyLikeAMadman: Virtual Mad Men Finale Party April 5, 2015Whiskey Cocktails and Apothecary Cocktails by Warren Bobrow from Quartous Books: Two essential cocktail guides from Virtual Mad Men Finale Party Judge, Warren Bobrow (The Cocktail Whisperer).
to help you mix like Don and Roger.

Thank you to our Finale Blog Award Judges:

Evan Kleiman,  KCRW’s “Good Food” Host
Faith Durand, Executive Editor, The Kitchn
Warren Bobrow, author Whiskey Cocktails & Apothecary Cocktails
Arthur Bovino, Senior Editor, The Daily Meal
Kathy Gunst, Chef, NPR’s “Here and Now”
Leah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, Benbella’s Smartpop! imprint
Joelle Delbourgo, Literary Agent
Nina Gallant, Food Photographer Catrine Kelty, Food Stylist

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