Russel Wright’s American Modern™ from Bauer Pottery: Mad Men Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway 6

4476293529 e37800289f Russel Wrights American Modern™ from Bauer Pottery:  Mad Men Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway 6You may not have heard of Russel Wright, but no one had a greater influence on the look and style of the mid-century American home than Wright.

“For more than 40 years beginning in the 1920’s, the industrial designer Russel Wright was to Macy’s and other New York stores what Michael Graves is today to Target and Martha Stewart is to Kmart,” said The New York Times in 2006. “His philosophy — good design is for everyone — spawned a lifestyle movement. Everything manufactured in his name, including dinnerware, furniture and household items, was sophisticated, and all of it was cheap. With a genial smile and marketing genius, he ushered modernism out of the museum and into middle-class suburbia.”

Those familiar with Wright’s iconic designs can see evidence of his influence on the sets of Mad Men. Today, Bauer Pottery of Los Angeles has the exclusive license to produce Russel Wright’s dinnerware — the most widely sold American ceramic dinnerware in history — the American Modern™ line designed by Russel Wright®, based on Wright’s original designs.

Bauer Pottery will send a Russel Wright American Modern™ pitcher and four tumblers (valued at $164.00) for a lucky winner: perfect for your home …and your next Mad Men dinner party! Enter to win!

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