Full of Beans

It wasn’t a big night for food and drink on the Mad Men premiere yesterday evening though there was quite a shift in show’s color palette. There were the usual cocktails at lunch with the  Full of Beansmen from Mohawk Airlines (we hope they weren’t pilots), a baked ham on the buffet table at Don’s birthday party, and glimpses of a few iconic New York beers from the 1960s, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Rheingold, a major sponsor of New York Mets baseball. (We note Lane is a Mets fan from the pennant on his office wall.) Even Joan’s baby didn’t have anything to eat last night!

The night, as far as food was concerned, belonged to Heinz Baked Beans. Peggy’s pitch for the Bean Ballet fell short even though it featured “a splash of mouthwatering sauce as each one lands.”

“Kidney beans are called kidney beans,” says the man from Heinz, “because they are shaped that way. They look better in a group.”

Perhaps they do, though we’re not sure they look all that appetizing with Roger Daltrey of Full of Beans The Who seated among them in a bath tub. The image is from the cover of the 1967 album “The Who Sell Out,” and Daltrey claimed he caught pneumonia during the photo shoot because the beans had been frozen. This was just a year after Peggy’s failed pitch and we can’t help but wonder if it was someone at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce who came up with this brilliant product placement idea.

We did notice a memo on Lane’s desk during his phone call with Delores, the woman in the photo he found in the wallet. It said Bird’s Eye on top. A future SCDP client perhaps?