The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!

OK, Mad Men fans, this is your chance to dine like Draper or drink like Sterling on the house at some of the finest restaurants and bars featured on Mad Men and in The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook!

We asked a few of our favorite Mad Men haunts if they’d donate prizes for a contest we’re launching tomorrow in cooperation with our publisher, BenBella Books, and did we ever get some terrific ones.

Dinner for Four at Barbetta (Valued at $500)

barbetta1 300x231 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!If you’re the lucky winner of this exceptional prize you’re in for a real treat because owner Laura Maioglio, daughter of Sebastiano Maioglio who founded Barbetta in 1906, is going to make sure your dinner is matched with just the right wine. The oldest restaurant in New York still owned by the founding family, it’s also the oldest restaurant in the Theater District. This is fine dining at its absolute best. When Bethany Van Nuys, one of Don Draper’s many beautiful paramours wants a romantic evening, they head to Barbetta (Season 4, Episode 8, “The Summer Man”).

Dinner for Two at Keens Steakhouse (Priceless)

2.Keens Dining Room1 300x235 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!Quite possibly the best steaks in all of New York City and a Caesar Salad to beat all Caesar Salads, Keens, on West 36th Street, opened in 1885 and quickly became a destination. Its reputation is legendary; its Single Malt collection equally so. The premises are inspiringly beautiful and intimate. Keens is where Don Draper, Pete Campbell and Pete’s jai alai obsessed friend Horace (“Hoho”) Cook meet to discuss Hoho’s dreams of making jai alai bigger than baseball (Season 3, Episode 4, “The Arrangements”).

An Evening for Two at The Pierre Hotel’s Two E/Bar Lounge (valued at $150)

 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!When Don tries to rekindle the passion with department store heiress Rachel Menken, they meet at the Pierre’s Tea Room, now replaced by the Two E/Bar Lounge (Season 1, Episode 6, “Babylon”). The Pierre, on East 61st Street and now part of Taj Hotels and Resorts and Palaces, is the setting for several memorable scenes in Mad Men. We suggest spending at least some of your allowance on their outstanding Irish Coffee featured in The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

A Gift Certificate for The Russian Tea Room (valued at $150)

 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!Roger Sterling loves Chicken Kiev because when you cut into it, “the butter squirts everywhere.” (Season 4, Episode 1, “Public Relations.”) He was referring to the Chicken Kiev at Jimmy’s LaGrange, a New York restaurant long gone.  So we turned to The Russian Tea Room on West 57th Street, figuring if anyone knows how to make a perfect Chicken Kiev surely it would be them. Use your gift certificate to treat yourself to this rich indulgence, or select anything on the menu that appeals to you.

Lunch at The Algonquin Hotel’s Famed Round Table (valued at $150)

 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!A favored meeting place for New York’s movers and shakers, The Algonquin Hotel on West 44th Street is elegant and refined. Today, the hotel boasts a restaurant called The Round Table after the table at The Algonquin where actors, humorists, journalists and critics such as Harpo Marx, Heywood Broun and Tallulah Bankhead met daily for lunch daily from 1919 to 1929. When Jim Hobart of McCann Erickson tries to woo Don Draper away from Sterling Cooper (Season 1, Episode 9, “Shoot”) he suggests a meeting at The Algonquin. Though the meeting never takes place, you can imagine what might have happened if they’d been seated at the table next to you.

A Party Pack from Utz (Value $50)

 The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Contest!Utz, makers of a variety of snack foods such as pretzels and potato chips, is an important Sterling Cooper client, but the relationship is put in jeopardy when wise-guy comedian Jimmy Barrett, hired as an Utz pitchman, insults the heavy set wife of the owner, Edith Schilling, during the filming of a commercial. (Season 2, Episode 2, “The Benefactor”). To salvage the account Don Draper arranges a dinner at Lutèce, a fine French restaurant, where Jimmy will apologize. Alas, Lutèce is no longer, but the good folks at Utz have donated a party pack you can use at your Mad Men-themed party or while watching the new season of Mad Men starting in March.

Here’s how to enter! (When you are redirected to the Facebook page, on the left side click on “Dine Like a Mad Man.”)










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